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Russian Vladivostok 8-days eVisa probably starts from 01 Aug 2017
repovesi wrote in antiviza
Russian authority said, that Russian Vladivostok 8-days eVisa starts from 01 Aug 2017.

Notable features:
a) Action corridor is 30 days, for example entry is possible from 01.10.2017 till 30.10.2017
b) Duration of stay is maximum 8 days, for example: if actual entry to Russia is on 05.10.2017, exit must be on 12.10.2017, or earlier (11.10.2017, 10.10.2017, 07.10.2017, 05.10.2017).
c) Number of entries: 01
d) It must be requested on Official web-site for 4 days before actual entry, or earlier, for example: if actual entry in Russia is on 05.10.2017, visa must be requested on 01.10.2017, 30.09.2017, 29.09.2017, and so on.
e) Territory of validity of such kind visa is one subject of Russian Federation: if entry is on Vladivostok sea port, only Primorsky krai are opened for this visit. Exit is possible via border points of Primorsky krai only, for example: entry via Vladivostok sea port, exit via Knevichi Vladivostok international airport; entry via Vladivostok sea port, exit via Vladivostok sea port too.
f) Only passport holders of 18 contries are eligible for this kind of visa:
Algeria, Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Brunei-Darussalam, China, India, Iran, Japan, Kuwait, Marocco, Mexico, North Korea, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Tunisia, Turkey.
g) This kind of visa in free of charge.
h) The Russian Vladivostok 8-days eVisa starts from 01 Aug 2017 on Vladivostok International Airport (Knevichi), and Vladivostok International SeaPort only. From 01 Jan 2018 another several border points will be added: automobiles - Poltavka, Turii Rog; railways - Pogranichny, Mahalino, Hasan; sea ports - Zarubino, Posyet, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Korsakov.